As businesses focus on being the best in an ever-shifting industry scenario, sourcing and recruiting talent is best left to the experts. This is where Indman Recruitment steps in to acquire the best people for the right jobs.

Shaping the future of staffing with our unique solutions

Oil and Gas

For the Oil and Gas industry, we ensure that we attract and hire the best candidates. We deliver the expertise that you need for your business.

Power and Energy

The Power and Energy sector needs candidates who are fit to function in high-pressure situations. We offer insights that highlight the long-term benefits of working in the power and energy sector.

IT and Telecom

We understand your hiring requirements in detail, designate teams that cater to your talent needs, and keep you notified about the upcoming talents in this industry.


The construction sector in the UAE is considered to be the world’s multi-billionaire industry. We select candidates who possess a particular skill set and are aware of the safety regulations.

Transforming perceptions with our processes

At Indman, we adopt a pragmatic approach that identifies and resolves the most complex demands of our clients, via:
  • Planning
  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • Validation
  • Closure

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