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  • A vital aspect of planning is to answer the key questions
  • What type of candidates you’re looking for?
  • Where are you looking for them?
  • How are you going to connect with them?

Research and Development

  • Researching a potential candidate is highly important
  • This helps us realise if they are the right fit for your organisation
  • We take the onus of doing thorough research on the candidates, before taking the whole process forward


  • The process of validation makes your hiring process more effective
  • Validation increases your chances of recruiting the best candidates for the job
  • This also helps us prove that our sourcing practices are effective, valid, and free of any bias


  • The closure process involves pitching the enterprise, job profile, compensation, work culture to the chosen candidate
  • We seal the deal by letting the candidates know about the enterprise’ interest in them

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